Progress in 2015: Bringing Co-op Development to Urban Communities

With support from foundations and donors like you, CDS has taken on the challenge of urban development, and in 2015 initiated projects in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee, Northeast Minneapolis, and several neighborhoods in St. Paul.

A historical challenge for cooperative developers has been the absence of government support for cooperative development in urban and suburban communities: no federal or state programs exist to support non-profit organizations like CDS for work in these places.  (The USDA does have a program for work in rural communities). But support is emerging in other places.

This work was further advanced in November when CDS was chosen by the City of Minneapolis to inventory the co-ops working in the City; gather information about the experiences and needs of co-op start-ups; and design and test a curriculum to support co-op entrepreneurs.  We will be delivering our work between January and June 2016, and will be sharing more with you in upcoming newsletters.