Rod Nilsestuen Honored at UW-River Falls Event

On March 30 more than 125 partici­pants from around the country gathered in River Falls, Wisconsin, to honor the legacy of Rod Nilsestuen and his many contributions to cooperatives and ag­riculture. Announced at the event was the creation of a permanent endowment in Rod’s memory made possible with a beginning donation of $50,000 from the Rod Nilsestuen Legacy Foundation. The endowment will support the learning mission at University of Wisconsin–Riv­er Falls through the Rod Nilsestuen Vis­iting Scholar Program.

 Fittingly, the Legacy event was centered on two areas very dear to Rod—protecting agricultural lands for future generations and his strong belief in cooperatives—causes to which he de­voted nearly his entire career. Speakers engaged the audience by demonstrating the importance of Rod’s work in these ar­eas and challenged the audience to carry on where he left off. Nilsestuen died in an accidental drowning two years ago this July. The event was coordinated by the Ralph K. Morris Nilsestuen Legacy Foundation.