Bill Gessner Entering the Hall of Fame!

October 10, 2011-  CDS is pleased to note that Bill Gessner, a CDS food co-op consultant from 1991-2008, has been selected by the Cooperative Development Foundation for induction into the National Cooperative Hall of Fame. 

 “Bill’s selection is so well deserved”, says Kevin Edberg, CDS’s executive director.  “I’m proud to be associated with the work that Bill did during his 17-year affiliation with our organization, and am personally grateful for his spirit of generosity, and the wisdom about co-ops and co-op development that he has shared with me, and all of us at CDS.”

Gessner’s Hall of Fame nomination particularly cited his work in mentoring store managers, improving store performance, fostering cooperation among cooperatives, innovating in store expansion models, and helping communities start new co-ops.

Starting in 1991, Gessner began building a team of consultants within CDS that could meet the operations and governance needs of food co-ops all over the country.  That team had grown to 15 consultants and was serving over 100 co-op customers a year by 2008, when a mutual decision was made to help the consultants form their own shared services co-op, CDS Consulting Cooperative.  Gessner is today a member of the management team of that co-op.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place May 2, 2012 in Washington DC.  Gessner joins three other Hall of Fame inductees with close connections to CDS:  Rod Nilsestuen, Walden Swanson, and Kate Sumberg.