Client List

Environmental Stewardship

Sustainable Forestry clients

  • Kickapoo Woods Cooperative
  • Cook County Sustainable Forestry Cooperative
  • Headwaters Forestry Cooperative
  • Partners in Forestry
  • WI Family Forests

Renewable Energy clients

Sustainable Agriculture clients

  • Pastureland Cooperative
  • Six Rivers Cooperative
  • Six Point Berkshire LLC
  • Cedar Summit Dairy
  • Columbia Plateau Producers LLC
  • Callister Farms
  • Elk Marketing Council
  • CROPP Cooperative
  • Hillside Farmers Cooperative
  • Fifth Season Cooperative
  • Pastures A Plenty
  • Wild Idea Buffalo Company
  • Clearbrook Elevator Association
  • Featherstone Farm
  • Organic Choice/Next Generation Dairy

Agricultural Development

  • Clear Lake Farmers Cooperative
  • Carlos Creek Winery
  • Cannon River Winery
  • Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board
  • TFC Poultry

Community Development

  • SCH Purchasing Cooperative
  • Senior Cooperative Foundation
  • Morris Theatre Cooperative
  • Just Food Cooperative
  • Lost River Market
  • Chatham Marketplace
  • Native Style Embroidery & Arts Cooperative
  • Riverbend Market Cooperative
  • North East Investment Cooperative
  • Cooperative Development Foundation

Government and University clients

  • Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
  • IA State University Leopold Center
  • IA Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
  • ND Dept. of Agriculture
  • MN Dept. of Agriculture
  • MI Dept of Agriculture
  • SD Dept. of Agriculture
  • WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
  • University of WI Center for Cooperatives
  • Saint Paul Port Authority
  • Agricultural Utilization Research Institute

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